I am a retired computer consultant with over 35 years of working experience. By retired I mean that I do not work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for someone else. But I do continue to work with computers.

They are the best toys I have ever had. I started on an IBM System 360, model 25 in September of 1970. It had 24k of memory, one 2311 disk drive, a 1442N card read/punch device and a 1403 line printer. It ran DOS as its operating system. Man, those were the days.

I have worked with large IBM mainframes running MVS, midrange AS 400's, system 36's and of course pcs. Programming computers has always been a fun activity and I still do it.

I mostly run linux these days. Some of my programming is paid for by business clients and some of it is just for me. The hamachi front end (Hamachi FE) was for me when I used hamachi. Then logemin.com bought hamachi and hamachi lost its flexibility and I quit using it.

CSVCR is a comma separated values file convert / reformat progtram. I originally did it to extract specific columns from a quickbooks tranaction file to import into the HomeBank accounting program. I later expanded it to convert files from csv to tsv (tab separated values) files.

IOSBoard was a project for a friend of mine. His organization was using Statusview (they still are) but it no longer seems to be under development. So he did not know if it would be usable under windows 7. I did IOSBoard (for free) as it seemed to be a fun project to do. He decided to stay with Statusview for now so IOSboard just kind of sits there doing nothing. It's free if you want to give it a try.

Tag Inspector is a program to view and edit music files. It currently only suports mp3 files. You can view all tags in an mp3 file and change some tags - artist, song, album, year, track, genre.

Yellow PIM is a combination of features taken from Outlook, Outlook express, Efficient PIM, Gnome and KDE pims and a few other linux based programs. It is also free if you want to try it.

If you have a need for a computer program (linux or windows) tell me about it. If it sounds interesting to me I might give it a try.